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Museum of illusions Veliko Tarnovo

Do you want to be like Alice - both small and big? To get into a mirror world? Overcoming Gravity?

Everything is possible!

The Museum of Illusions in Veliko Turnovo turns the notions of reality and shakes the confidence in one's own eyes!

A memorable meeting of science and entertainment in 500 square meters awaits you at the most amazing museum in Veliko Tarnovo. We have prepared over 100 illusions, both optical and physical, that will take you to a new world: holograms, 3D paintings, a levitating orb, an inverted room, an Ames room, and more.

Only here will we show you interactive Veliko Tarnovo 100 years ago and an artistic copy of the Tsarevets fortress of sand with the audio-visual spectacle "Sound and Light".

Only here you have a special Jedi place to take your coolest photos while hovering in the air.

The Museum of Illusions in Veliko Turnovo awaits you every day of the week.

Come and see how illusions happen!