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We are proud of our rich and diverse exhibits

A memorable meeting of science and entertainment of over 500 square meters awaits you at the most amazing museum in Veliko Tarnovo. We have prepared over 100 illusions, optical and physical, that will take you to a new world: holograms, 3D paintings, a levitating orb, an inverted room, an Ames room.

You can take a stroll on our 5 floors, each with a special theme and unique illusions. You will be able to enjoy the incredible clash between light and darkness. Entertainment is guaranteed everywhere.

How often have you dreamed of finding yourself in a real bank vault? You will have this unique opportunity only in our museum on our bottom floor.

Want to immerse yourself in the past in a unique way? Do you want to look like a giant or a dwarf? Want to enjoy our unique poppy plantation? Take a stroll through our floors and you will not be disappointed.

Only here you have a special Jedi place to take your coolest photos while hovering in the air.

Interested in how one of the illusions works? Want to learn amazing things to amaze your friends with? Want to learn more about any of the illusions? Want us take a picture of you? Our team is always ready and happy to help! The smiling staff will help you get into the fantastic world of illusions.

Our exhibition doesn't stop evolving, just like any of us. Our team works tirelessly to bring you the latest and greatest exhibits known and unknown to humanity.